Friday, 9 June 2017


I write this post today with a heavy heart and not entirely in the best place. As many of you will know, I have been completely non existent on most forms of my social media, especially Instagram and Twitter for the last few weeks and for those of you who noticed that I had slipped under the radar and reached out to me to see how I was I apologise for not being the best at getting back to you before today but I appreciate your concerns more than you will ever know. This is going to be a very shambley and all over the place post and I apologise for this.

Manchester and London. Two amazing cities that will be tainted by the horrific events in the last few weeks for a lifetime, the former particularly. These attacks have affected me in ways that I cannot even begin to express. A big part of my absence in the blogging and social media sphere is easily correlated with this. I could not wrap my head around the fact that people were able to adapt so easily and be posting their "Lipstick Collections" and posting images of perfectly placed and colourful flatlays highlighting their favourite posts of the month the next day after this country had been completing warped by terror. It all felt like ridiculousness, I felt guilty even being able to go to the shop that day and for who privileged we all are just to be alive; events like this truly bring this fact home for us all. Even now I feel like what has happened this year has changed my outlook and my thoughts about the world and what the priorities are. I ultimately believe that this has changed what my content will be from now on, maybe not completely but reflecting back these events genuinely change us all and our outlooks on the world. My heart goes to anyone in the arena, on the bridge, anyone injured, anyone who lost their lives and anyone affected as a tragedy like this truly affects us all. I'm heartbroken that this has happened and the way the government have handled this situation is horrendous and they should be very very ashamed of themselves and for allowing this to happen. The way this whole country has come together and are spreading positivity inspires me daily and truly restores my faith in some of humanity. ISIS, love is catching and spreading, good luck.

I'm sorry for anyone who is treated badly and physically and verbally attacked due to individuals heartless and callous behaviour. I am sorry that Islam is being misrepresented in this way and I am so very sorry that you cannot walk down the street or walk into your place of work without being persuecuted for acts that you would never even dream of doing. But, anyone with a heart and anyone with something in-between their ears will know that these people are individuals and don't represent  a religion.

The results of the election has also taken a massive effect on me. On my personal Twitter I am very open about my passion and my support for the Labour Party and in particular Jeremy Corbyn. For the first time in my life I have felt so inspired by this man and I have NEVER trusted and believed in a politician before this point. I am completely heartbroken that we lost this election and that the power is back in the hands of the most vile and evil collection of people we have in this country but we must all be so proud of everything that we have achieved by voting Labour. Young people and women KILLED it in this election and I couldn't be more proud of everyone that took their time to vote as it is so so incredibly important. I am so saddened that our government have decided to join forces with a party as disgusting and archaic as the DUP. For anyone unaware their beliefs and ideas include issues such as anti abortion, anti gay rights, anti gay marriage and adoption etc and I am heartbroken that this is even our reality right now. My heart bleeds for anyone who this directly offends and affects and please know that this isn't a representation of what this country believes and never question your worth because of these backward disgusting imbeciles.

On a more personal level I have been heartbroken to learn that my step-nanny has been diagnosed with cervical cancer after weeks and weeks of being in and out of hospital. After my nanny died due to a brain tumour my Granddad was in pieces and after learning that his second wife is now going to suffer this horrible illness has shook him too his core and my heart bleeds for him. My thoughts , prays and hopes are with them both.

I have spent the last few weeks definitely struggling and coming back to blogging is going to feel like a strange transition for me. I have been struggling with a persistent low mood and I am so damn tired all the time. Unfortunately, my diet has gone to shit. After losing a stone and a half and feeling great I am putting some weight back on as I am such a comfort eater and feeling this way definitely makes me want to retreat to my bed with a huge slab of DairyMilk. I am very much struggling with conversations and texts at the moment, I feel so disengaged and uninterested in conversations and please know that this isn't through choice and I feel guilty for it all of the time.

Moving on from this I think writing more personal posts could definitely help me here. Spilling my thoughts is so important and makes me feel so much better and so much more human. I have contacted the Labour party and I am hoping to volunteer in the future to help fight for my beliefs and for what is right and also to proceed with obtaining counselling through the private healthcare provided through my work. Youtube is something that I would definitely love to try soon when I have the confidence and the courage as I could portray my thoughts and my passion in a very fitting format.

Thankyou anyone who reads this little ramble, I forever appreciate you.



  1. Love your blogs and how passionate you are about your beliefs. Keep your chin up beautiful girl. Just a message away. �� gemma x

  2. It's so refreshing to read such a raw and honest post! It confounds me how quickly people can just process and accept tragedies like Manchester and London. And, although we can't change the outcome of elections, we can all do our part to fight for the rights of people who may have their freedoms taken away! Stay positive girly :)