Friday, 12 May 2017


Today I bring a very exciting post and that is testing the KKW X KYLIE Collection and letting you all know my honest thoughts on Kylie Jenner's latest money maker and deciding whether this collection is a HOLY GRAIL 😍or an ABSOLUTE FAIL 👎🏻

From the moment I saw Kim share the image of the four lipsticks I knew instantly that I had to get my hands on this collection. I've always been someone thats interested in Kylie Cosmetics and the products that she and her team creates; also the madness each time a new product is launched is madness. No matter what your opinion of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is I think it is fair for everyone to admit just how successful this family is. No matter what they are doing or creating they are PERFECT at "breaking the internet" and causing a storm and so much attention; so guys, atlas commend them for that. I personally LOVE the whole family and I think the relationship and bond they all have for each other is the sweetest thing. So, as a avid fan of KUWTK and Kim especially I knew that this would finally be the right time to purchase a Kylie Cosmetics product.

For anyone who is interested in this collection (I almost think it should be Collection, am I right? 😉) be warned that customs is 99% likely to give you one hell of a bitch slap in the form of a customs charge when you go to collect you product. I paid £17 roughly which for me personally was an amount I was happy to pay but I know this is something that others wouldn't be best pleased with so its definitely worth mentioning. Kylie, if you ever read this PLEASE find a UK supplier, Beauty Bay make this happen, Sincerely the UK 🙏🏻

Upon finally opening the package after a few weeks for delivery I was pleasantly greeted with the most discussed and the most praised part of the reaction to this collection that I have seen online. The packaging. To put it simply it is truely stunning and so so elegantly beautiful. It features the signature Kylie melts and drips but which a gorgeous frosted glass on the lipsticks themselves


Below are the swatches of the lipsticks and I think the fairest way to rate this collection is by reviewing each particular lipstick and shade singularly.


Kimmie is a gorgeous deep nude shade; I believe this would look so beautiful on anyone with a darker skintone than myself but I still adore this shade on my skin tone also. One thing I noticed right off the bat is that the dovette applicator appears to hold a lot more product at the back of the underneath rather than an even spread all around which can be frustrating but hey ho. This is one of the thicker consistencies of the collection and a firm favourite.


Kim is a gorgeous peachy nude and looks beautiful on fairer skin, its the perfect nude for me personally and my favourite of the collection. However, the consistency and opacity of this shade differs from Kimmie and Kimberly massively. This shade like Kiki, is a much thinner consistency and definitely needs two layers to achieve a more opaque look. Applying my dab initially and then spending appears to work best with this shade in my opinion.


Kimberly is a true nude and is absolutely spot on to what you will see Kim rocking in most of her makeup looks recently. This also looks incredible on my skin tone.


Kiki is a gorgeous pink nude. Again, as mentioned before this shade and Kim have a thinner consistency but that doesn't stop this shade from being absolutely stunning.

Unlike Kylie's other formulas this is a creme formula, a first for Kylie Cosmetics. It feels comfortable and super smooth on the lips. It isn't made to be long lasting despite being a liquid lipstick (I feel like being long lasting is expected of a liquid lipstick) and is much more true to a normal tube/ stick lipstick which isn't a negative to me personally.

All in all, this collection gets a big thumbs up from me and I know these will be my firm favourites this summer. The KKW Collection is 100% a HOLY GRAIL in my eyes.

Leave your thoughts down below and let me know what you think of the KKW collection.



  1. I've seen alot of youtubers trial this products and the shades are all very nude, and I think they're great but not versatile. The creme formula sounds amazing though x

  2. Aww I like you EEEEK face! You look so pretty :) - Also love your T-shirt! Sorry I don't much about make up... haha great post though :)

  3. I really want to try some of the Kylie lip products. I love all these colours and they look great on you!

  4. Kimmie and Kiki look fab! I purchased Reign last year and found it was so drying on my lips so haven't bought anymore kylie cosmetics, but this looks great on you! x


  5. I really regret not getting this when I had chance! I was put off because they all looked so similar to me and I didn't think I'd like the formula but now I wish I did because I love the colours! x

  6. I love all of the shades and the tones really suit you xx

  7. Honestly, the day BeautyBay start selling her makeup, is the day I go bankrupt 😂 I've never tried a better formula of liquid lipstick, it's so good! So jealous you got this collection!

    Hayley | x