Friday, 27 January 2017

Morphe 35F Palette Review

Hello everyone! Today I am posting abut something that is very exciting to me and that is reviewing one of my favourite palettes from 2016! Despite only purchasing this product in October last year it soon became a firm favourite and a everyday staple product.

This palette retails for £21.00 on Beauty Bay which is where I purchased it and let me just say that if you are interested in this palette then you have to move fast! I purchased this palette with no idea of HOW popular and in demand this product is. A good friend of mine has been continuously checking Beauty Bay all the time to try and get her hands on this palette and it has been out of stock each time, however I believe that it is in stock on Cult Beauty as I post this.

The palette includes a variety of matte and metallic/shimmer shades with 7 matte shades and 28 shimmer shades. This palette was a staple for me for Autumn and Winter and the colours compliment and work together PERFECTLY. Morphe describes the palette as "featuring 7 highly pigmented matte shades and 28 rich metallic colors, this is the palette your will reach for to wake up your looks with a touch of eye-catching shimmer. The 7 matte colors offer necessary neutrals from flesh toned to black that ensure an effortless, well-blended look every time." In my opinion I would fully agree with this. The shimmers are phenomenal and the colour pay off and pigment is up there with a lot of my high end eye shadow palettes, despite being half of the price! 

The shadows blend like butter and seamlessly, leaving your eyes with the PERFECT blend. Each of the shimmers have beautiful pigment and this is without any glitter glue, Fix Plus or any enhancing products. Below I will insert images of each row, with and without flash so you can see the pigment and pay off for yourself.

The only criticism I will have of this palette is that the packaging is plastic and is very plain and does not feature a mirror. This is personally not a big issues for me but I know that this may be a big downside for other people!

I hope you enjoyed my review of this palette and all swatches will be down below and I will speak to you guys soon!   








  1. Love this review. I'm looking to buy my lil sister some palettes for her birthday, this one looks amazing! Loving the bronze / metallics!
    They look so pigmented!

    I hope they have some left!!

    Chloe |

    1. Definitely do it if you can get your hands on it! Everything that you need! Buttery as anything!

  2. The pigmentation looks so good from the swatches! I wish I was able to apply eye shadow as I'd actually buy so many palettes!

  3. It is awesome �� And aw, it's a shame that you can't buy them. I used to never bother with eyeshadow but I definitely couldn't be without it now!

  4. This palette is gorgeous!! Love this post! Xx

    Louise |